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Knight - Leg Armor Detail, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Benedice Cumberbucket

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mark your territory by crying on things

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Breakfast around the world

Fuckin australia

I was browsing on mobile and the gifs weren’t animating for some reason so this was just this avant garde post of the same plate on differently colored tables and I read the caption “Breakfaster Around the World” and just stared at it trying to understand the artist’s deeper meaning

I am so ashamed

I love Indian breakfast though it’s hard on my stomach for morning.

i am definitely the citizen of my country

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i havent made any really bad decisions lately im getting bored

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 Huang Yong Ping, Leviathanation, 2011

The exhibition named ‘Tracing The Milky Way’
Huang Yong Ping (born 1954) is a contemporary French visual artist of Chinese origin. Huang’s work combines many media and cultural influence, but is particularly strongly influence by the intellectual abstraction of Dada and by Chinese numerology traditions. Founder of the Xiamen Dada group in China in the 1980s, Huang’s installations have included unorthodox materials such as live snakes and scorpions. Many of Huang’s sculptural works encompass a large scale, some tens of meters in dimension.

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my ascent into adulthood


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Dividus: Anatomical Collages

Artist on tumblr, on Behance, Society6

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Congratulations, Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Emmy winning actor for Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock - His Last Vow!

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The Baker Street Mission Accomplished handshake (steps)

Congratulations on the Emmy Wins!

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This Artist Othman Toma Paints With Ice-Cream Instead Of Paint

Instagram | Facebook | ponlayookm

Othman Toma, an artest from Baghdad, Iraq, has put his watercolor skills to the test by painting with a very unusual “paint”- melted ice-cream. If his claims are true, his paintings prove that art can be made with just about anything!

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i love how no matter how badly you fuck up benadryl cumquat’s name everyone on here still knows who ur talking about

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